The kitchen at Crafthouse and Angelica is proudly run by Head Chef, Simon Jewitt.

Born in Harrogate, Simon Jewitt cumulates over 20 years of culinary experience. Since October 1997 until this day, his expertise and knowledge have taken him on a whirlwind journey leading to working in locally renowned and recognised venues across London and Leeds.

Simon Jewitt first took to the kitchens at the young age of 15 and has not looked back since. From earning an Oliver Award for the best lunch as Head Chef at The Tannin Level, Simon later received two AA rosettes and came runner up in the Observer Food Awards within his first year of appointment at Norse in 2016.

Deepening his knowledge further, Simon Jewitt’s culinary repertoire flourished as he received glowing reviews from the likes of Jay Raynor and Marina O’Loughlin and he continues to push the boundaries in his creations to this very day.

Simon thrives off producing original ideas in the kitchen and wishes to bring seasonality to the menus by incorporating local produce to the dishes at Crafthouse and Angelica.